Charles Lindsay-Bowman, Co Chairman and Director of Operations, and then vice Chairman of FoDWP volunteered in close cooperation with Cape Town City Parks to bring De Waal Park back to its original 1985 glory. Part of this “refurbish” was the bringing back to life of the 1905 Bandstand. Charles decided the Park must once again host music for all in this glorious Edwardian Bandstand and as the Bandstand is a public Park amenity. Charles , through his vision and tireless energy slaving against many many odds for the past 6 years has , originally almost single handed but now in association with dozens of likeminded companies and supporters, brought these people events from zero to today with over 250,000 people from all walks of life having visited and enjoyed these unique community based Concerts in the Park . The first series completely surpassed any expectations in terms of the overwhelmingly positive response from all sections of the City Bowl community and media. This was clearly demonstrated by the attendance numbers throughout the series, which built up as the series progressed. Although many people came due to the specific Artists featured however for many others it was the informal warm social atmosphere that attracted them. Thousands and thousands of people made it a regular event in their social calendars, attending each and every one to enjoy the bringing together of our community with overseas holiday visitors arranging their vacation in our beautiful City around the dates of the Concerts in the Park . Our Mayor, Patricia de Lille , came in her private capacity to the first Gala Concert with Karen Zoid ; subsequently The Mayors’ Gala Festive Season annual Concert has been sponsored by the Executive Mayor’s Office ever since as is the 17 th December 2017 Gala Concert.


Charles Lindsay-Bowman

Chairman & Director of Operations

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Our note: Visionary, workaholic Originator of FREE Community Concerts in the Park npc and Director of Operations.: Charles started this crazy Community venture – read his equally crazy life story.

Schools that tried to educate him: (firstly went on a train walk-about for 6 days at the age of 8) Shortanills Prep – EXPELLED: Beacon Prep – lasted: Rugby – EXPELLED: Downside Self Expression School – EXPELLED (no mean feat) London University College (his father damn near brought the place to get him in) – ASKED TO LEAVE to make way for people who would actually attend.

Social: Engaged 8 times till his mother refused to supply any more rings – including nearly getting married to an Australian multi Millionaire’s daughter at Scotland Yard Registry Office both subsequently being  arrested for drunkenness in evening dress outside Buckingham Palace – released from Bow Street both events  having been  scotched by seething parents. Joined the Aux Army Chelsea Barracks – thrown out as he broke their only Bren gun. Tried to join the Foreign Legion – saved once again by his long suffering Father.

Married several times to very expensive beautiful Ladies –including at 21 to an International Model; mad for his present wife , Winnie , for many years – has 2 handsome charming elegant sons – 2 exceptional step sons and 1 stunning step daughter – 17 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren due to the exuberance and over enthusiasm of one of the step sons .

Career: part time Racing Driver (22 to 25) Started WEBBAIR with John Webb and Alan” faster” Foster – sold out. Farmed for a while then went Deep Sea Wrecking till the boat sank much to the aggravation and cost of the Insurance co. Retired for 4 years to bring up his sons then  went back to work -. Sales Director of Edward Bowman & Sons, Caithness Glass, Verrerie Doyen Belgium – partner Piccadilly Automat – Sold out. Retired for a further 4 years. Property Developer in London and the South of France – Developer/owner of Lindsay Hotel and Barbarella Restaurant Chelsea; made his first fortune and lost every penny of it. Estate Agent in Johannesburg S. A – Property Owner in Bez Valley – made his 2nd fortune – this time his partner lost every penny for him. Builder in Soweto for 6 years until it became a tad too exciting having been shot, stabbed, necklaced – gave up after coming round in Baragwaneth Hospital for the 3rd time. Joined Camden’s Estate agents as Sales Director for 3 years. Emigrated overseas to Cape Town: Estate Agent – Developer in Muizenberg – retired. Devoted 2 years to the upliftment of De Waal Park. Started Concerts in the Park as a community venture till today.

Interests: Winnie, Wally (he’s 7 years old) – Manchester United – Haute Cuisine – vintage cars – owned 84 over the years – CONCERTS IN THE PARK.

Loves: Winnie – Wally – his huge Family – Dogs – all Music – Ballet – France and French Women – Cycling – Cooking – Porsche and Beautiful things – MANCHESTER UNITED of course.

Hates: Poor food –Violence – Ants – Snakes – Liverpool FC of course and BAD MANNERS.

Zak Mbhele


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Our note: This is one hellava busy real gentleman and still finds time to attend CITP meetings giving Community Concerts in the Park the benefit of his enthusiastic support, integrity and brilliant mind .

Zakhele Mbhele) is an MP of the Democratic Alliance in the National Assembly. Zak joined the DA in late 2005 where he was a candidate contesting the Student Representative Council (SRC) at Wits University under a DA affiliated banner. Zak then participated in the youth structures of the DA. He served as a Media Liaison Officer for Western Cape Premier, Ms. Helen Zille, from November 2011 to May 2014. He was then elected to the National Assembly (NA) in 2014 where he currently serves as Shadow Minister of Police.

A ManU supporter of course.

Richard Keet


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Our note: Richard is another mensch exuberating warmth & charm to all he meets – what more can be said of this extraordinary man who gives so much support and time from the few hours he has to himself to Community Concerts in the Park -.

Married to the lovely Jenny with a daughter and son, Richard lives in the huminadilas in Southern Cape Town. He insists on arriving at work at 6 am through his dedication to the Hotel industry come rain or shine so he gets up at 3.30 am!! – (can’t be normal can he?) .

Asked how he came to the Hotel business he said in 82 he placed an ad in the Argus looking for any job in any hotel – got a call immediately and started a week later. In 86 he got a job at the Tsogo Sun – Kimberley as a restaurant manager and subsequently – |” I’ve spent the rest of life with the Tsogo Sun Group working my way up the ladder says he” . rising to the top may we add – more a Rugby man  but a ManU supporter of course.

Storm Banda

Director Designate

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From walking miles & miles every day barefoot to school out in the vumba Storm, through sheer determination & having been “brought up” in the right way with right principles by his father – says he – is now G.M of a huge C.T based enterprise. An 18 Hr a day warm people oriented workaholic – NUTHING daunts him NUTHING is too big an ask. A wunderfull friend – a MENSCH and a ManU supporter of course (Chairman’s contribution)


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Shawn Levin

​PixelART Productions

Joe Emilio


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Aaron Smith

Stage Manager

Bradley Lenders


Sean Kennedy

Fidelity Security



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Martin Myers

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Tim Lindsay-Bowman

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