Dear Charles

Just a short note to express both my personal gratitude; and the band’s appreciation and admiration, for the continuing season of great gigs that you have been instrumental in organizing. From the first humble season to the huge successes of the last few years, the De Waal Park gigs have been a highlight on the calendar of The Rudimentals. The venue absolutely sells itself, and the organization, sound engineers, turnout and advertizing have always been of the highest standard.

The overall result is that these gigs are amongst the most anticipated, talked about and successful gigs in the country and every musician is clamoring to get a slot on the lineup. Incredibly enough, and to the amazement of all the new-comers and overseas visitors, they ARE FREE. For this to continue, you need the sponsorship of companies with forethought and a desire to gain the attention and respect of a huge cross- section of the population. Good luck in that quest. I cannot think of a more worthy and highly visible cause.

Fondest regards and looking fwd to seeing you soon.  Mike Levy (The Rudimentals)


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