Dear Sir

My name is Reef, and I am a black Labrador. I would like to comment on how fantastically uplifting the concert in De Waal Park was yesterday. There were hundreds of dogs of all shapes, sizes, breeds and colours, and about eleven thousand people from all walks of life..(they all look pretty similar from a dog’s point of view.) There was not a single incident, just intense heat, great performances from Mark Haze, The Rudimentals (my favourite), and Freshly Ground, lots of dancing and a wonderful unified sense of camaraderie.

You cannot believe how upset I became when I overheard my owner saying to a friend that this was probably the only concert in De Waal Park this year, as there are not enough sponsors. SERIOUSLY???? After a day like yesterday, and no one wants to put their name or brand behind an event like this? Shame on you big companies/ multinational firms!

If it was up to us dogs, we would have sorted this out in two ticks (pun)…and maybe look for artists like Stray Dogs, Snoop Dog,Cat Stevens, Pussycat Dolls, Atomic Kittens or even Lambs of God.

Yours sincerely,

Reef (black Labrador)

Ps…my owner knows nothing about my writing skills; I would like to keep it that way.”


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