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COME & GONE – 17th December being the first of this year’s FREE Concerts in the Park series running through to April with JIMMY NEVIS, THE RUDIMENTALS, MI CASA, FOKOFPOLICIEKAR, FRESHLYGROUND and PRIME CIRCLE all coming supported by The Rockets, Grassy Spark, The Gugulethu Tenors, Saudiq Kahn, Mr. Cat & the Jackal. The Skyscrapers and hopefully Mark Haze and Crimson Houses PLUS for sure the handsome, charming hugely funny BRENT PALMER M.Cing them all.

This fantastic line-up – all for FREE- is made possible through the Sponsorship funding of RSAWEB & OCTOTEL ( Rob Gilmour the mercurial entrepreneur) and to a lesser extent the City of Cape Town Mayor’s Office  We all have to thank RSAWEB-OCTOTEL and of course CTCC Parks who do not just make the Venue and Bandstand available but sponsor the vital additional Toilets albeit through the  intercedence of “Concerts” friends, Pauline McConney and Jan Fourie , two totally dedicated VIP Public servants, for their annual support .

Obstacles? – Of course, all along the line from the start date back in April; it’s a fight – Red tape and form-filling? -In abundance People not doing what they say they are going to do? – – daily.  Help by a few community committed VIP Council members to assist in making it happen? – Certainly, and we are all truly grateful to these awesome individuals. Funding shortages?  Par for the course every year and every year mitigated by the Artists and Band members themselves who support this COMMUNITY based unique venture by performing for a fraction of their normal fees and on a Sunday to boot. Without their magical generous support there wouldn’t be one single Concert. The same goes for Coca-Cola (Dan Davis and Bradley Lenders) who bring so much including all the sound equipment for free along with Terrance Collings of the Audio College of Sound.

This series, for the first time, we have not only Vendors but “Activators” , new word to me, assisting to fund the ever spiralling costs of staging these concerts to a standard that make them every year more enjoyable for the thousands and thousands of concert visitors  . “Even more enjoyable” has been the key words for this series planning and wanted by our friend Rob Gilmour – RSAWEB. We are sure the addition of Harley Davidson, Pam Golding, Knight Frank, Greeff, David Spence – Re/max and ****** so far will surely add to the festive very very special family Vibe always present at the Concerts in the Park held at the beautiful De Waal Park.

Constantly I am asked TWO QUESTIONS. Firstly, why do I personally endure 12 hours a day 6 days week from May to April every year for the last 6 years to put these concerts on? Hellava good question. So far the only person to come up with an answer is my wife; the ever-discerning WINNIE – “Cos he’s an idiot|

Secondly what is CONCERTS IN THE PARK npc about?? – I mean what in the hell is it about when you think about it – what’s the point of it. An equally good question — Answer – NATION BUILDING – that’s all – nothing else. It’s about bringing people of all colour of all races of all religions from all walks of life together through the medium of a musical Concert.   IT’S THAT SIMPLE.  There is no other reason d’etre

So everyone –  come to all next 5 Free concerts, if you missed the JIMMY NEVIS –THE ROCKETS Concert you missed out big, that’s for sure, that’s no maybe!  – bring your family – bring all your friends even your Mother in law and enjoy –  you’re right there ain’t much around now a day for free. Give the Ancient Lunatic a shout when you see him lurking around – we all love to meet and greet and hear from you.



By the way check out our new website – we’re a bit excited about it and thanks Mark – you’re a very clever indomitable “Unexpected Star of the Show”.


  • Udine says:
    Dec 19 at 12:30

    Thank you and your wife for taking the initiative Charles and offering your time, money, effort, energy, stress,etc it’s truly appreciated. The fact the an entire family that actually come out enjoy good music for FREE is truly a blessing, so may you be blessed for bein a blessing to others. others.

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