Its over – at least for another year!

Its over – at least for another year – hopefully Mi Casa will make it this time – hopefully on the opening Concert – hopefully Dec 16 th – hopefully all our wonderful Sponsor’s will make it all doable – hopefully you’ll all come in the 10’s of thousands who came to the 2017-18 FREE COMMUNITY CONCERTS IN THE PARK series – around 60,000 .

Shame we had to cancel Mi Casa Concert due to an organic Sponsor not coming to the party at the last moment. Prime Circle were a huge new departure for the organisation as it was the first time we had an ”overseas” group, i.e. Johannesburg, as all Artists for the last 38 Concerts have been Capetonian based with new logistics involved. 8 Air tickets and accommodation for 3 days. Once again we were let down and had to cover the cost of the air tickets but mercifully our wonderful Tsogo Sun Hotels Group sponsored, fetched and carried from the Airport and back and forwards to De Waal Park with super accommodation laid on by John van Rooyen, Director of Operations and Richard Keet the GM and host of SUN SQUARE – GARDENS Hotel.  “Concerts” couldn’t have managed without their support. Nikki Venn, Charles’s PA, did a fantastic job of booking the 8 Air flights from different departures and arriving on different days which then had to be rearranged the day before their first arrival! Nikki did this to an exact schedule with the aid of the most courteous and professional Safair Lady, Sunisha Jular – took weeks. Concerts in the Park Social Media, through our workaholic Social Media Manager, MARK Breetzke , Director of PixelART achieved our primary goal of 10,000 Followers with a reach of 1.4 million . Still plenty to do especially with Twitter – can’t let Trump have all the lime light.

So that’s the news for this week but plenty going on. We will keep you and the 280,000 visitors who have been to FREE Community Concerts in the Park, updated from now on in every week OMG – we got beat by West Brom – still devastated – hard to come right – really really depressing.



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