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De Waal Park

Francois has always had an affinity for music. Moving to Bellville, Western Cape in early childhood, he participated at high school in a battle of the bands competition where he performed the vocals for the band. He was later kicked out of the band, which put him off performing vocals for a while.

About his early he has said “I actually never had a clue what I wanted to do with my life. I think until I was basically 16 years old I wanted to play rugby, and during that time you couldn’t even do that as a career. I played Craven Week in primary school and first team in high school, and I even played club rugby for a year after school as well. I played scrumhalf. So I was quite serious about rugby.”

Francois’s strong Christian upbringing (his father was a PASTOR) led him to create the Christian band AS18 however he later gained country-wide notoriety when he founded the band Fokoffpolisiekar . The band was initially started as a joke to shock the widely conservative Afrikaans community. Francois recalls that, “My mom cried for a day or two when she heard the name of the band”. After initial performances which were hugely successful his father asked him to change his surname as he (his father) being a minister, was receiving complaints about his son’s performances from the local church-going community. Francois Badenhorst  obligingly became  “Van Coke” !!!

Francois is married to the lovely  Lauren Badenhorst and they have the most beautiful little girl called Alex Lila.

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Afro-operatic pop sensations The Gugulethu Tenors have become a household name in South Africa since the release of their self-titled debut album in 2011.  They have performed at some of SA’s top events and festivals, shared stages with local and international headliners, and been featured extensively in local and international media, whilst their fan base continues to expand, covering a wide and diverse audience.Their journey to success, which started more than 10 years ago as four high school learners’ respective dreams of being on stage, has been widely publicised and serves as an inspiration to many. Performance highlights include representing SA during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, captivating thousands at Cape Town’s FanFests with their soothing harmonies and remarkable voices, boasting standing-ovations at festivals like Aardklop Arts Festival, Cultivaria and Klein Karoo Klassique to name a few, wowing corporate audiences across the country, and performing to politicians, dignitaries and superstars including Oprah Winfrey, Chris Rock and Mariah Carey.  The Gugulethu Tenors’ ambition goes beyond success as performers – collectively they aim to be role models for South Africa’s youth and, through their singing, to showcase the richness and diversity of South Africa’s cultural heritage.  


Mr Cat & The Jackal is a unique five piece multi-instrumental group often described as experimental acoustic folk music through exploring blues, tango, pirate, Balkan and Irish themes with a circus of sounds created by foreign and their own handmade instruments. The band formed in 2006, originally devoted to writing musical scores for theatre, including Shakespeare’s ‘THE TEMPEST’.

Gertjie Besselsen, Actor, Writer of scores for Film and TV, Stellenbosch Graduate and multi award winner was one of the founder members of their ‘WAY OUT’ archetypal music genre for which they are also widely acclaimed here and overseas

Their live performance is undoubtedly a complete theatrical experience.


Joe was born in Texas, USA and has been moving around all his life, from USA to Egypt to South Africa.

Joe fell in love with Stand-up Comedy at an early age, however it was only when he arrived in South Africa that he started to pursue his dream of becoming a Stand-up Comedian.

Joe is a storyteller comedian, energetic and lively on the stage. His comedy is fresh and original with interesting twists on the American and South African culture. He talks about his experiences in South Africa, as well as finding the funny in every day life. Joe in no way, shape or form mocks the South African culture but rather makes fun of himself experiencing the culture. You’ll find yourself chuckling next time you say “Awe” or “Robots”… Come find out for yourself.

He regularly uses his skills in the corporate world where he presents workshops on story, communication and presentation skills.


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