Jimmy Nevis

TIME: 15:00 ___ 18:00

De Waal Park

He was born and raised in Athlone, Cape Town, alongside his sister and went to Primary and High school in Pinelands. Jimmy says “at Primary school I was shy and overweight and when I went to High school, it was the same and I was very quiet. But then one day I decided to audition for the cabaret group. At Pinelands High School it’s a very prestigious group to belong to with all the school’s best singers. They used to have a five-night concert once a year and every night was always sold out.

Nobody knew I could sing, even though I’d missed school for a week to take part in the South African champs, anyway I was asked to sing my audition song at assembly and after that my life changed. I also had this girl I liked, so I took a decision to lose weight and within three months I was slim and trim and my life changed again.

My first career choice was architecture. I could draw very well and it seemed like that was what I was going to do. However later I decided I wanted to study music but I didn’t get into the course that I wanted to at UCT so then I went into journalism and did a bachelor degree in Social Sciences there. In my second Varsity year I realised that if I didn’t do something with music I was never really going to be fulfilled. That’s when I drove around with my demo of Elephant Shoes and punted it to all the radio stations and things just took off from there”.

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The Rudimentals is a Reggae/Dancehall/Dub and fusion outfit, based in the creative hub of Cape Town South Africa.

The Rudimentals frontline singers features 4 of the most highly skilled and electrifying performers in the local industry.

Fronted by local Zimbabwean born hero: T-Boss Maidza, he is flanked by Zimbabwean musical legend King Labash, recent 2016 winner of Zimbabwean Best dancehall video awards, and next, from Brooklyn, NYC, is U.S.A born rapper and all round emerging media personality, is Whosane Pangaea, alongside Jamaican born star, Khaos Cottrell, who also happens to be an international Hugo Boss and Armani Male Model.

The band’s legendary status has been earned from over 15 years of positive contributions to the local music industry.

• 2014 (Nov): 5fm Top 40 – No 1 with Sound Boy Killa
• 2015 (Apr): 5fm Top 40 – No 2 with Bubbling
• 2016 (Jan): 5fm 2016 Top 100 – No 9 with bubbling
• Listen to Bubbling : https://soundcloud.com/rudimentals/the-rudimentals-bubbling

Sound Boy Killa Official Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eFfKN2Hn0s

Sound Boy Killa #1 on 5fm top 50 in 2015:

Sound Boy Killa Official Video:

Bubbling #2 on 5fm top 42 in 2015:

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Practical information : info@concertsinthepark.co.za


Joe was born in Texas, USA and has been moving around all his life, from USA to Egypt to South Africa.

Joe fell in love with Stand-up Comedy at an early age, however it was only when he arrived in South Africa that he started to pursue his dream of becoming a Stand-up Comedian.

Joe is a storyteller comedian, energetic and lively on the stage. His comedy is fresh and original with interesting twists on the American and South African culture. He talks about his experiences in South Africa, as well as finding the funny in every day life. Joe in no way, shape or form mocks the South African culture but rather makes fun of himself experiencing the culture. You’ll find yourself chuckling next time you say “Awe” or “Robots”… Come find out for yourself.

He regularly uses his skills in the corporate world where he presents workshops on story, communication and presentation skills.


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