Rocking the Park with the RSAWEB FREE Mayor’s Gala Concert DE WAAL PARK

Live rock these days is rare – and when you get it for FREE, you have to jiggle for joy. Over the next few weeks, the fizz of summer is stirred into a cocktail of stonking music played in the enchantingly historic De Waal park .The coming 17th December Mayor’s Concert is headline singer golden boy JIMMY NEVIS with his lyrical rock and lush lyrics and supported by the yummy line up THE ROCKETS who can break down low or howl you out the door.

There is no doubt that it is this summer’s golden ticket – a gift from Cape Town to its people. It might be free to the public but it costs a bomb and is funded by the Cape Town City Council and the wonderful generosity of the Cape Town businesses of RSAWEB and OCTOTEL.


When: December 17th

Where: De Waal Park

Time: 15:00 – 18:00


Be there, bring your own picnic and the kids – all of the Family and all of your friends. Starts at 3pm but get there early, parking is also FREE in the Lower De Waal Park. Let the first sprint of summer, laughter, picnics in the park sink into your soul – all for FREE. Our city has put muscle into making our Parks a place of peace, rest and fun – we owe them our thanks.


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