Help keep Concerts in the Park FREE

FREE Concerts in the Park is only about NATION BUILDING – bringing people together from all walks of life of all colours of all religions of all races thru the medium of a Concert – that’s it.

The Concerts are FREE but they are not free to put on. In spite of the ARTISTS, the sound and everyone who make them doable doing so for a fraction of their normal fees/charges they still cost well over R100,000 each to put on .

They are funded by RSAWEB & OCTOTEL with the Cape Town City Council to a lesser degree each year. The paying of attendance fees by Activators and Vendors does indeed close the shortfall gap between our wonderful Sponsors but we are still short.

So if you enjoy these wonderful Concerts attended by more than 250,000 over the past 6 years and feel they are worthwhile to maintain bringing people together why not assist this non-profit enterprise by donating any amount you feel you comfortable with. You will be helping in the bringing of joy and great pleasure to your own community many of who can’t afford to experience the amazing Artists Cape Town so proudly boasts.

Any assistance will be recorded and acknowledged – come join the Wunderfull World of FREE Community Concerts in the Park.

Concerts in the Park npc
Account number: 070343985
Branch code: 02090900


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