The fastest, freshest, healthiest wood-fired pizza anywhere. Delicious value for money. Pizza wood-fired to perfection in under 3.5 minutes. Come hungry, you don’t have to wait.

Oh So Peachy

At Oh So Peachy we do raw juices, smoothies, samoosas, wraps, Stir fries,  vegetarian and meat dishes. Banting brownies and banting Wraps are also included in our updated menu.

Chip’n Dip

Our mouth-watering dips are what makes us unique in the market. With 9 different and well-loved dips, we aim to satisfy your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.



Outdoor kitchen established in 2017 is a food vendor who prides ourselves by listening to client’s clients suggestions. Thus offering quality products at affordable prices, ensuring the individual or family would enjoy our unique array of Cape Town style fast foods products on offer.



Cubanos now brings the Cuban tradition of serious made-to-order Cuban sandwiches, Frita Burgers and sides with mouth-watering cheesecake and refreshments to the shores of Cape Town with a unique African Style.


In a world where our everyday lives are dominated by the demands, duties, stresses, and schedules, we’ve become so preoccupied with life that we forget what living really means. We, Ola, the largest and most loved ice cream brand have been offering moments of all-absorbing pleasure and carefree joy for generations, every time, everywhere and through each and every one of our products. We want to invite you to act a little more spontaneously, savor the moment, feel a little more joy each day and live more from the heart.



On the go food trailer serving pimped up diner style streetfood.

Become an

Come and “Activate” at these ginormous FREE Community Concerts. What’s an “Activator” you ask? You come and put up your Gazebo – show – demonstrate – sell your Products – Merchandise – Service to the thousands and thousands of visitors and pay CITP a fee. Oh and you “Activate” as part of the “Concerts”. Publicity S.M with a reach of 1 million +.

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